A Car Buying PhD

The goal of our blogs is to educate customers about the entire car buying process, whether or not you use how2car to purchase your vehicle. We want customers to have the best research available and a solid understanding of what to expect before they begin working with a dealership.

We will start with a high level explanation of different aspects that make up modern car buying and move on to specific tips for customers to use. For example, our trade-in blogs will start with a broad review of the entire trade-in process so we can lead into the best strategies for how to research your trade and of course how to get the most money for your trade in.

One of the most important points we want to make is: do not assume that all car dealerships are equal. We will teach customers how to spot the dealerships that are transparent and customer oriented by pointing out what actions they would take and what processes they would follow.  Choosing the right dealership to work with is the easiest way for a customer to ensure a good buying process.

Our blog will avoid “One Size Fits All” statements that are commonly found online – people shop for vehicles in various ways and everyone’s financial situation and budget is different.

Part of the goal is to help sidestep information overload.  Resources online have the propensity to be overwhelming, out-dated, and biased, thus often making the process counterproductive. All of the information you will see on this blog is up to date and relevant to buying a car in 2018.

Finally, because the how2car application is built on the ideas expressed in this blog there will be articles on how to best utilize the tools how2car offers and how to find our partner dealerships.



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